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  NEW for 2011:

It is even easier now to make your tax deductible, charitable donations to Nag's Heart Conference Series online!

Please go here and click on the A-Z List button next to "Browse A-Z List of Programs" (bottom of page). At the alphabetic list, click on the letter "N." Choose Nag's Heart Annual Conference Endowment from the list. The system will automatically insert our program name into the contribution form. Please fill in the dollar amount you wish to contribute and proceed with the form's instructions.

This will absolutely guarantee that your donation will be deposited correctly in to the Nag's Heart fund.

A receipt will be mailed to you directly from UCSC Foundation, or you can print from the donation site, or contact

  Donate by mail:
Donations to Nag's Heart are a charitable deduction
You will receive a tax receipt for your donation for tax purposes: Tax ID# 23-7394590
Please consider a charitable donation of however much you can contribute.

Make your check out to UCSC Foundation and mail it to:

Faye Crosby
Psychology Faculty Services
University of California, Santa Cruz
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA, 95064

Thank you for supporting Nags Heart!